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About us


Bizstreet was established with the understanding of the difficulties, issues and problems many corporations have associated with dealings with their offshore vendors – specifically China.

Equipped with many years of experience in supply chain and quality management, we aimed to eliminate the teething problems faced by many.


Not just another sourcing agent

Bizstreet is established not just to be your sourcing agent or another local supply chain contact point. We want to be your business partner. A partner that aligns with your organization’s long term policy and goals. We aimed to help you win your wars against your competitors Allows you to offer your customers products with quality that will make your organization proud and customers happy.


Quality conscious

Bizstreet and our business partners strive to help build a network of highly quality conscious vendors who are sensitive to your needs. Our business partners in China work closely with our group of vendors to improve their management system so as to ensure full compliance of your requirement and provide traceability of materials used whenever required.


Multi-vendor Experience

Bizstreet and our business partners serve as your one-stop representative, offering you a seamless and efficient supply chain management system. From product development, sourcing, costing, cost comparison, negotiations, ordering, inspection, receiving, transporting, warehousing, custom clearing, shipping and post-delivery activities. We can even help manage your reverse logistics businesses, if required.