Offer our assistance

Since our inception contacts with suppliers especially from the great China, we realise that communication have been generally weak.

The ability to communicate fluently, especially in English, is very important for export oriented businesses like yours.

It not only ensures that messages get across effectively but provides confident to their oversea customers.

If you too, are facing this difficulty and need supports, we think we can help.

What we think we can help,

  • Help develop and maintain your website, if you do not already have one, in English
  • Help draft web content
  • Assist in communicating with your oversea customers via email or skype
  • Help in your product launches and presentations
  • Help in setting up and managing oversea customers


Distributor and agency

If you are looking for someone to represent your company and distribute your products, we will be glad to help as well.

Talk to us and we will do what we can to help to promote your products especially in Singapore or anywhere.


Distribution Hub

If shipping cost has proven to be affecting your growth as it adds cost to your oversea customers, talk to us.

We can help to,

  • Setup a hub
  • Manage your inventory
  • Order pick and pack
  • Deliver your products on your behalf

Our Objective is to simplify your oversea businesses.



If you think your products are far superior than those we have already hosted and would like us to also include yours, just let us know.

Hosting your products on our E-commerce website is absolutely Free-of-charge.

Simply send us your product descriptions, specifications, prices, MOQ, lead times, photographs or samples.

We may even create a section just for your products.


So, contact us now or email and together we will bring your products farther than you can imagine.